Klima Premium Complete A/C Compressor Upgrade Kit for W123 Diesel Mercedes

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For W123 diesel Mercedes originally fitted with Delco R4 compressors. (1980-1985 300D, TD, & CD).

Tired of a/c compressor failure in your W123? The OEM General Motors Delco R4 compressors fitted to W123 North American market Mercedes have a well-earned reputation for poor performance and short life. They are known for loud operation, excessive horsepower consumption, leaky stepped ports, and for being unable to reliably run R-134a refrigerant. Our kits allow you to replace the Delco R4 with durable, time-tested Sanden 508 or Sanden 709 compressors. These compressors were fitted OEM to European market W123 diesels. Sanden ear-mount compressors are the most popular aftermarket compressors in the world, and are considered “tough as nails”. Now you can get the smooth, quiet, reliable performance of a Sanden in your Benz.


The W123 kit comes with all of the hardware you need to mount a Sanden SD compressor in your W123. The brackets and hardware supplied with this kit are premium quality, and complete down to the last small washer. We use only German-made metric fasteners. Our illustrated instructions give you step-by-step installation guidance, complete with torque specifications.



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Sale Price $259.95

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Vehicle Compatibility Notes:

Our W123 kits fit W123 turbodiesel and non-turbo models originally equipped with Delco R4 compressors (OM617.952, 617.912, 616 engines only). Please be sure to choose the correct kit before ordering. If your vehicle was fitted with a York compressor, kit is not compatible. Determining if your car was originally fitted with a Delco R4 is straightforward. The R4 is uniquely disc-shaped, and was mounted directly below the power steering pump. Click here for picture of a Delco R4. Our kits require the use of specific compressors. If you do not plan on purchasing a compressor from us, please click here for more info on compressor selection.

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