Klima Design Works | Condenser Compatibility
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W123 Condenser Kit Compatibility:


The Klima Condenser Kit is intended to replace the later Behr Type 2 condenser (OE Part: 1238300770) used on W123 Mercedes models. This condenser was typically fitted to the following models of W123 vehicles:


  • All 300 Turbodiesel Models (USA)
  • 240D (‘82-on) from VIN 110871-up (USA)
  • 300D (Mid- ’79-on) from VIN 133346-up (USA)
  • 300CD (Mid-’79 on) from VIN 003812-up (USA)
  • 300TD (Mid- ’79-on) (USA)


The Kit will also fit a number of other models, including gasoline and diesel models sold in markets outside of North America. In all cases, we request that you visually verify that your vehicle is fitted with a Type 2 condenser before ordering.


Identification of the condenser type is straightforward. On the Type 2 condenser, the input and output connections exit together on the side passing through a small oval hole on the body located behind the passenger’s side headlight housing (on left-hand drive vehicles). If your condenser arrangement does not match this description, then you have a Type 1 condenser (not compatible).