Klima Design Works | About Us
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Klima Design Works


Klima Design Works is a US-based developer of niche products for vintage diesel Mercedes. We are vintage diesel Mercedes enthusiasts and share your passion for the greatest, most durable cars ever made.

We specialize in air conditioning system upgrades for the W123 & W126, and offer a selection of other climate control maintenance and engineered upgrade products on a limited production basis. We offer you solutions to make your air conditioning system as reliable as the rest of the vehicle, and offer advice on how to keep it performing properly. 

Klima Design Works supports small US manufacturing enterprises. We make the majority of our custom product content through partnerships with small manufacturing companies based in the local area. All of our upgrade solutions are made in small production runs, with great attention to detail and quality.


We love to hear from other enthusiasts. Please be in touch with your questions, stories, and successes.



We support American Manufacturing Enterprises & Workers